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Marketing Solutions That Work

Dinovate bridges the gap by ensuring that the voices of organizations get across to those that matter.

Communications Strategies and Public Relations

Dinovate can help the voice of your organization or project get across to those that matter. This is done through proper analysis of the target audience and adequately tailored campaigns to ensure effective communication of an organisation’s messages.

Social Media Management

A Social media presence is increasingly vital for the growth, reach and visibility of a business or organization. Dinovate can transform Social media into a vehicle for Social impact, bringing all its experience to bear in making Social Media an asset to Businesses and organizations. It can develop tailor made social media strategies for each organization to get the most out of its Social media presence

Media and ICT Training

Knowledge is wealth, in a rapidly changing world it is important to acquire new skills and information to remain relevant. Dinovate has a track record of sharing its wealth of knowledge through training and capacity building programs. We offer training in digital literacy, Web security, social media marketing, graphics design, amongst others.

Audio visual Productions

In a generation that is increasingly influenced by what’s on our screens, Dinovate takes advantage of this by bringing messages and ideas to life through video and audio visual effects. We produce documentaries,  animations, instructional videos, Ad campaigns, etc


Dinovate uses its resources and its pool of skilled, creative individuals to create quality printed materials. We produce Billboards for advocacy/advert purposes, Souvenirs, Instructional material, reports, tee shirts among others.


Dinovate offers robust advertising services to varied clients including corporate organizations and individuals. Our solutions combine state of the art, cutting edge production and display technologies, and advertising campaigns on billboards.

Web Design and App Development

In a rapidly digitalizing world, applications have become indispensable tools to the functioning of Human Life. Dinovate can take advantage of this symbiotic relationship between the digital world and Human society by developing functional websites and interactive apps for a variety of uses


Data visualization and Graphics Design

Dinovate makes use of the skill and creativity of its team to design graphics and infographics which effectively communicates with the desired audience. We will help you with your  Branding, Data isualizations, Ad campaigns, rebranding, merchandizing, etc

Procurement and Logistics Services

We source and coordinate delivery of high-quality materials and services to
support your organizations operations and projects. Our Procurement supply chain management team, which includes sourcing specialists, works to ensure the highest standard is maintained.

Our Product Based Services

We are ICT and communication experts

There is an increasing need for companies who could get the voices of individuals and organizations heard above the noise of the information rabble. Growing brands can quickly be swallowed in a sea of competitors, their message mixed into a homogenous mixture of pitches, value propositions, and advertisements. With the expertise, creativity and commitment of our team, we are solving the ICT and communication problems of organisations in Africa and we have the ability to compete with other organizations across the world.