Client: WaterAid Nigeria

Project Date: 2021

Project brief: To deliver a final Hygiene Behaviour Change (HBC) design package for national and state-specific hygiene promotion and behaviour change campaigns ready for production and implementation. This includes but is not limited to policy briefs, radio jingles, TV skits, infographics, posters, fliers, handbills, billboard messages, and cues for communities and healthcare facilities)

Project summary: Dinovate collaborated with WaterAid Nigeria and the UK to create Human Behavioral Change Communication strategies to promote key hygiene behaviors related to COVID-19. Working with guidelines from the World Health Organization, Dinovate developed messages on handwashing with soap, food hygiene, respiratory hygiene, social distancing, cleanliness, referral, and isolation. The strategies used various visual communication tools, including animations, cartoons, illustrations, and radio jingles, to effectively convey the important information.