Media Partnership

The Client: Women Farmers Advancement Network (WOFAN) and The Mastercard Foundation

The Brief

To effectively execute a 5-year media partnership, encompassing internal communications governance, technical communications, behavioural change communication,  learning, and knowledge management, and promoting awareness of the WOFAN ICON scale-up project.

Our Strategy

In light of the diverse stakeholders and partners involved, we adopted a collaborative approach that required the creation of a comprehensive communications strategy framework. This framework served as a guiding tool for each stakeholder partner in delivering their respective objectives. To develop an effective strategy, we conducted thorough research on the target audiences of WOFAN and the Mastercard Foundation, allowing us to tailor our messaging accordingly. Our strategy was then divided into achievable yearly deliverables, which encompassed various crucial components such as crafting key messages that aligned with the project's overarching goals and objectives, providing necessary training to client staff, cultivating vital relationships, and disseminating content across both traditional and digital media platforms, among others.

The Result

So far, we have made significant progress in developing a range of media and communication products, including short documentaries, podcasts, a user-friendly website, informative articles, and engaging social media content. These efforts have resulted in an increase in audience engagement and awareness of the ICON project. Additionally, our training materials have been well-received by clients, leading to higher levels of satisfaction. We are particularly proud of the noticeable improvement in the empowerment of young farmers, who now have a stronger sense of agency and a voice in making critical business decisions. Ultimately, our aim is to foster strong engagement, effective communication, and successful collaboration among all parties involved, thereby ensuring the successful implementation and achievement of the ICON project's goals.

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