Client: PIND (Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta)

Project Date: 2022

Project brief:

  • To be a branding partner for PIND/IITA National Cassava Summit.

Project summary:

In 2021, Dinovate had the privilege of being the official branding partner for the National Cassava Summit, a significant event hosted by the PIND Foundation and IITA. This partnership involved Dinovate in every stage of the branding process, from start to finish. As the branding partner, Dinovate was responsible for the production of various event materials, including backdrops, banners, event brochures, stage design, and light design. These materials helped to create a cohesive and impactful branding experience for the event and set the tone for a successful summit. By being a part of the National Cassava Summit, Dinovate demonstrated its expertise in event branding and its commitment to helping organizations create memorable experiences for their audiences. This partnership showcased Dinovate’s ability to bring its clients’ visions to life and help create impactful events that leave a lasting impression.