Client: European Union

Project Date: 2020

Project brief:  To develop communication and advocacy messages in Nigeria, To sensitize citizens on the dangers of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and ways of combating the proliferation of SALW.

Project summary: In 2020, Dinovate formed a partnership with the European Union to enhance communication and outreach efforts for the Small Arms and Light Weapons Project. The collaboration involved the design and development of key messages that would effectively convey the goals and objectives of the project to a wider audience. As part of this effort, Dinovate created Information, Education, and Communications (IEC) materials, including billboards, t-shirts, face caps, posters, handbills, and banners, in three languages: Efik, Hausa, and English. These materials helped to spread the message of the project and promote awareness of the issue of small arms and light weapons in Nigeria. Through this collaboration, Dinovate played a critical role in helping the European Union effectively communicate the importance of its project and engage with a wider audience in Nigeria.